S&S Pumping, Septic Tank Cleaning, Blair, NE

Frequently asked questions

How often should I pump my septic tank?

This depends on the number of people in your home. The more people you have, the more solids you'll have in your tank and the more often you will need to pump in order to protect your laterals. For example, a couple living on their own will only need to pump their tank every three years. A family of five will need to pump every year.

What products should I NOT put in my septic tank?

Some household items can be bad for septic tanks. This means you should not flush them down the toilet or run them down the drain. You should not put the following items in your septic tank: Petroleum products (paints, paint thinners, cleaners, lacquers), clorox, grease, diapers, wet wipes, feminine products.

How close does your truck have to get to my septic tank?

Our truck needs to be within 200 feet of the septic tank.

Does my septic tank need a cleanout or access hole to pump out of?

Most septic tanks already have a cleanout. If yours does not, we will dig it up and install a cleanout for future pumping and maintenance. Cleanouts may be 24-inch (foreground of photo) or a 6-inch PVC (background of photo). Once the septic tank is backfilled, the 24-inch cleanout will have a flat concrete lid on top.

How do you find my septic tank?

We will probe in the yard to search for the tank and lateral fields. If your tank is over 4-feet deep, we won't be able to find it with our probe. We can have a septic installer locate and dig up the tank if needed.

Do I need to put any products in the tank when you're done?

No, you do not. The natural bacteria you create will activate the septic tank's bacteria again. Adding products will not hurt the tank, but studies have shown that they are not necessary.

How much does a new tank or laterals cost?

Prices vary depending on the size and type of tank. Henton Trenching is the installer we have worked with since 1979. They are another family-owned company and make their own pre-cast concrete septic tanks. Henton Trenching can give you quotes on laterals and septic tanks. Give them a call at 402-426-9580

Why is my septic tank full?

Septic tanks will fill back up within a few days of pumping them, depending on the water usage in your house.